Liberty Theo 104 Relection Paper

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Reflection Paper By Christopher Moore THEO 104 To know Jesus Christ is the best thing that can happen in a person life. It transforms your mind, body and sprint. I have picked the following three topics to share my experiences of knowing Jesus Christ. First, what can your local church do to better communicate God’s love to your community? Second, why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? Third, Did Jesus claim to be God? These are the three topics that always spark my interest when talking about our Lord savoir Jesus Christ. I think Church’s have major responsibilities to communicate the gospel message. We need to remember that it was God’s kindness that saved us. Church’s shouldn’t focus too much…show more content…
Hearing how you’ve experienced all of these things may just be the key for stirring them and invoking their curiosity for God. Jesus did claim to be God in human form not once, nor on a few occasions, but frequently and consistently throughout his sermons. This is established in all four gospels, and in Paul's letters to the early church. Jesus himself claimed to be God, in what he said, his miracles and in what he did. The earliest Christians recognize that Jesus was God in human form starting with Peter's prediction before the resurrection. The whole theology of Christianity has been centered on the divinity of Jesus Christ throughout history. Jesus claimed to be God consistently. First, by forgiving sins. This was something that the Jews believed that only God could do. He also had the ability to cast out demons again something only God could do (Mark 1: 21-24). He also claimed to be God incarnate through his miracles. Jesus didn’t claim to be a submissive son of God. He claimed much more, to be God in human form. As a Christians you have to believe those claims to be true, not out of blind faith but simply because Jesus' thoughts, actions, and the effect that he has had on countless billions of people throughout history, all confirm these claims to be true. Over the years, I have learned that a Christian is one who has a sure and great hope that of heaven. We know that we will get to heaven, no matter how much we still

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