Liberty University Bibl 410 Genesis Module 2 Study Questions Essay

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LMODULE TWO THE CREATION OF MAN Bible Topics | * The Origin of Man * The Nature of Man * The Dominion of Man * The Environment of Man | People to Know | Places to Know | Terms to Know | AdamEve | Garden of Eden | EvolutionTheistic EvolutionSpecial CreationSoulBreath of lifeUsImage of GodDominion | Study Questions Answer the following questions (based on the reading), save it and then submit it to the professor. 1. Define Evolution. Evolution as represented in Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism simply asserts that all living organisms arose from one living simple cell. 2. Define Theistic Evolution. Theistic Evolution asserts that God ordered and directed the evolutionary process. He may have directly…show more content…
15. What does Davis say that seems to be a better translation for “gods” in 3:5? Why? Davis translation for “gods” in Genesis 3:5 is Elohim because it can be translated as God or “gods”. 16. What is the sequence of the temptation and fall? The sequence of temptation is the lust of the Flesh. The second is the lust of the eye’s, and the third is the pride of life. 17. Give an example of a wrong interpretation of what “eating forbidden fruit” means? Why should this interpretation be rejected? Some have said that “eating forbidden fruit fruits” is a parallel for sexual intercourse. This is rejected because God created male and female in compatability to be fruitful and multiply. 18. What is depravity all about? Depravity is about knowing evil but being unable to resist it. 19. What were Adam and Eve attempting to do when they made “fig leaves” clothes (other than covering their nakedness)? Adam and Eve were attempting to cover their shame of sin. 20. Where is the first mention of the virgin birth of Christ? The first mention of the virgin birth is in Genesis 3:15. 21. How is God’s grace exhibited in this chapter? God’s grace is exhibited in this chapter because he sought His creation, He promised a savior; He clothed His creation; and He removed the temptation of sin (the tree of knowledge of good and evil). 22. What does the

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