Liberty and Justice for All: The Pursuit for Gay Rights Essay

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Historically defined as the union between a man and women the idea of marriage has been socially ingrained into the minds of Americans leaving any other possibilities of who love can happen between as unacceptable. These strong societal beliefs are far from the truth yet dictate the ability of homosexuals rights to marry one another. Avoiding defining what marriage entails in the constitution, the issue of whether or not gay people have the right to marry has become a state issue. The conservative idea of marriage is changing as society is undergoing a transformation in its beliefs to a more liberal stance. As a country that has progressed towards being more egalitarian and inclusive in ensuring individuals rights, the right of marriage…show more content…
Lafleur the US Supreme Court ruled "freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause.” With the acknowledgement in the denial of these human rights the US supreme courts demonstrates gays should not be denied the right to marry because doing so does in fact deny individuals of rights guaranteed to them. Changing legal structure regarding the marriage of gays, in consideration of the literal interpretation of the US constitution, without the bias of society and religion, has validated the fight for these rights. The basis of continuing this discrimination is on society’s strong beliefs. Society’s strong beliefs have been instilled from generation to generation creating a sense of ignorance because of the lack of consideration to the ever-changing environment. Society is no longer a simple black and white but a complex range of colors with evolved attitudes, preferences, and freedoms. To let the law be dictated by social beliefs instilled by strong religious beliefs on which this country was originally founded shows no progress has really been made with the idea of separation between church and state. Religion has had a strong effect on what societal norms consist of and gay

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