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Librarian Internet Index Using the Librarian Internet Index, two sources were found for investigating financial reform in the United States. The first was the website for the Tax Policy Center, which is a collaborative effort between the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute. This site offers independent analyses of federal tax policies and financial issues. The other source was a publication produced by the United States Government Accountability Office entitled "Understanding the Tax Reform Debate: Background, Criteria, and Questions." This publication offers an overview of the debate over how to collect and distribute taxes that was prepared by the GAO, a non-partisan branch of the federal government. The Tax Policy Center website is extremely informative, offering an enormous amount of information on everything from tax facts about corporate and individual wealth and taxes to general information on gas prices. For example, the site offers a graph showing the corporate income tax as a share of GDP that dates all the way to 1946 and continues up through 2009. This site is extremely useful to any person doing research on any aspect of tax or financial reform as well as someone who is interested in an historical perspective of taxes and wealth. The site is easily accessible by any person with internet access and can be found through a simple internet search. The information provided is well-documented and can easily be cross-referenced to ensure accuracy.
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