Library Automation

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The term Library automation connotes the use of automatic data processing machines to perform routine library activities. It implies a high degree of mechanization of various routine and repetitive tasks & operations and processes are left to be performed by human beings. Simply Library Automation is the application of computers and utilization of computer based products and services in the performance of different operations and functions or in the provision of various services and output products. In addition to computer advancement, telecommunication and audio-visual technologies gave a way to new possibilities in information processing and
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As some libraries prefer to use standard library automation software while some other prefers to develop their own customized software. The main types of systems are:

✓ TRANSFERRED SYSTEM: It involves the transferring of already installed software developed at one library to the target library. These are already checked and always cost effective.

✓ TURNKEY SYSTEM: These are off the rack software available for sale. Commercial vendors on the library premise installs it and they starts operation just the target library turns the key. The vendor provides hardware and complete software package and responsible for any problem encountered during the operation.

✓ INHOUSE SYSTEM: These integrated in-house Softwares are generally tailored within the parent organization to meet the specific requirements of the library.

← PLANNIG The first and foremost step in library automation is the idea to initiate a project. The planning for library automation will include the following six major steps:

✓ FEASIBILITY STUDY Before any automation system is installed in a library, a formal study should be undertaken to ascertain the feasibility of the new system. The purpose of this study is to state, analyze and document the data needed to make an informed and
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