Library Is A Source For Learning

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Library Library provides a source for learning. However, to get the most out of it, it is imperative to learn how to use this source and how to tap the potential of this useful treasure of knowledge. Furthermore to access relevant material and retrieve data from database, one must be familiar with to define key words which are used as search terms. Computers are not intelligent enough to understand our requirement of search material and can search for matches of the keywords fed in to it. Therefore we have to select keyword or a proper combination of key words in order to get the relevant result. Synonyms and other appropriate words and phrases with different symbols like “and”, “or” etcetera to get the desired result. Truncation and…show more content…
Sometimes plagiarism may be committed unknowingly due to lack of knowledge about proper use of words and citation or poor referencing. Whether intentional or unintentional, to gain academic benefit in any way like copying, rewording or paraphrasing the work produced by another person, constitute plagiarism. However i do understand the subject and I am aware of the problems and consequences associated with plagiarism. I have learnt how to use appropriate words to quote from a source and then to give reference to those source appropriately, because lack of knowledge can not be an excuse to be exonerated from charges of plagiarism. I understand that the work produced by others is their intellectual property, and quoting from those sources must be in proper format, words and referencing. I have learnt how to make list of references based on my study and sources consulted in my study. Language and format will be selected in appropriate way in order to avoid plagiarism knowingly or unknowingly. Even self plagiarism which means copying material from previous assignments, is not allowed despite the fact that it would be my own work. Except in cases where the teacher has allowed me to work with some student, I will have to submit the assignment which is produced by me. I will maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of my work till its completion and finalization in order to avoid embarrassment due to plagiarism. Learning style Learning styles differ from person to
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