Library Management

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Stephanie Library Management The creation of library management is crucial for any type of libraries that wish to work effectively in the ever changing environments. With elements like worker efficiency, introduction of technology, and the changes of cultural environment managers are always looking for ways to create an efficient environment for their workers as well as those they serve. When it comes to management systems, there are two different types that are examined in this paper. These type models include the Luther Gulick’s POSDCORB, as well as the Mintzberg’s managerial model. While examine these models, there was also comparison done to current library management. Are these two models still in use, or has the uses of these…show more content…
After much deliberation, the chosen methodology to effectively examine the manger to see whether these models are still used was a combination of two different aspects, which are the observation and the interviewing technique. Observation was chosen since the examinee had easy access to the chosen manager, and proved to most reliable for firsthand examination of these models. The interview process was also chosen on the premise of the time table of observation could possibly not process most of the elements that both of the chosen models required. The manager was observed from afar for a span of a week, from thirty minutes to an hour each day. This technique was chosen to most effective since by spreading out the observation times, the manager would more than likely be engaged in different aspects of these models and provide more varied data. This technique was also chosen because it was less obtrusive for the manager and flexible for the examinee when gathering data. Those elements that weren’t seen through observation were discussed in the interview process at great length. Analysis of data collected Analysis of data :collected Week of October 18/22 The observation phase of the research was highly successful when examining the number of ways the manager handled a number of situations internally and
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