Library Of Babel Analysis

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Fantasy and It’s Effect On Us Prompt: Worlds of fantasy/ dreams/ imagination are incorporated by Borges in his fictions, explain how he does this and what effect it has? Borges is known as a famous author of magical realism, a genre that combines real situations and real life with fantasy. This undoubtedly has an influence in the way Borges incorporates worlds of fantasy/ dreams/ imagination into his works. Borges creates these worlds by transforming something of such simplicity into something more complex and meaningful. By using these devices, Borges is able to impact the readers by allowing them to imagine them and maybe even change their point of view on that simple thing or situation. In The Library of Babel, Borges talks about a…show more content…
This creates an imagery that the reader in reality cannot relate to since with modern times, the existence of that library itself is unbelievable but can see and understand why the people reacted that way since a human mind tends to question everything so being able to find the answers to all those questions seems like a fantasy that every person wishes to live. In The Circular Ruins, a man goes to a jungle that leads to a temple that has been destroyed by a fire, and goes to sleep, so he can dream up a man. It works to a certain point but insomnia overtakes him and he can’t continue his dream, so all his progress is lost. He then decides on another way in where he creates the man gradually. “He dreamed an entire man - a young man, but who did not sit up or talk, who was unable to open his eyes. Night after night, the man dreamt him asleep.” This all seems like a fantasy, but dreaming in itself is something we can’t really explain. Dreaming is also associated with things that otherwise would be Granados 3 impossible to achieve in real life, so the reader starts imagining how the man goes through the process and if that would be possible to be achieved since our dreams are already composed of versions of people that are either close to them or they have
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