Library Reflection

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A library is the centerpiece of the public. It’s the place of education that stems throughout the entire library campus and is a sanctuary for the young student like me, to retrieve nearly all information. Any course material in class can be found that same information in the library, simply there are so many ways to get information nowadays. With the help of books and especially the internet in every public library in each state in the United States. Students should never feel the loss of information at any time when the library can be a resource. As I was sitting in the first level of the library on a Wednesday, I didn’t really see as many people as I figured I would see. Even when my cousin was going to have a test that same week I was in fall break, which she is in college. The floor was not empty by any means, but with college students studying for their test. I would have imagined students scrambling through the bookshelves and all computer were going to be busy, I believe the study habits of students are about as prosperous as they have ever seen. They’re finding different ways, places, and even methods to complete their studying and research. To me, the way a common student studies has changed even over the past years and the library has been a role in this revolution. Now with newer and better technology coming in and out, it’s normal for every person to want to get their hands on it as quick as possible. Such as apple and Samsung products, make internet access so much better accessible everywhere you go. Even today computers have become a revolutionary matter and even has shaped the way libraries look today. It is no secret back when computers were first invented, the ratio of bookshelves to computers were not as even as they are now. As I look around the library, I see twice as much people on computers than I do within the walls of the bookshelves reading a book or magazines. While books were the traditional methods for school or business. Now are less likely to provide information, students now want to use the internet instead the books to be able to get information they need. I remember when I use to use books for everything and now I just use a computer to turn in my work.
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