License Plates Essay

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Plates What is the purpose of license plates? In a way they are used for many things but, licenses plates help certain people to know who owns a car and where that car is from. Some People may think that licenses plates are just a piece of metal and they don't actually do anything. That is where they are wrong. These plates provide information for law enforcement officers, which could be to who owns the car or any data put into their data pages. Some people say that corporations should not have the right to track us. Corporations can also scan a lot of US plates a day, they also gets lots of money from it. There are two articles one from David sirota and the other is by RT. They both discuss the issues in License plates, and how they can be…show more content…
This source has more of an angry tone than the other. Sirota uses information from universities and pulls them to talk about what the government does with our information from our cars. He uses his word choice to make it sound as though he is talking about something super important. One spot where this was used was, ""This is a complicated area where we are going to need to carefully balance First Amendment rights of corporations versus individuals privacy rights," says ACLU attorney Catherine Crump." It is factual information and they later go on to talk about what it means deeper. The word choice that David uses is simpler and easier to comprehend, he does use as big of words as RT. All in all, Sirota's article is easier to understand and has more opinionated in it, than the RT article. These two articles show the two thought that there are on license plates and who can receive information from them. They have certain things that make them alike, their word choice is close but RT's is still a little harder understand. The words used are bigger and have a deeper meaning than other words that could have been used. Sirota's article has a harsher tone and has more opinion in it, it tells more about what he thinks himself instead of what corporations
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