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License to Be Free
You can’t really compare an animal to anything. Feral or domestic, they’re still an animal. Most of the time we like to think of pets as family. If you walk up to one of your family members and ask them for identification what do you think they’ll say? First of all, they’ll ask you why, but they’ll probably hand you over a picture ID. Everyone in the world has identification whether it’s a birth certificate, passport, or a license. Our pets also require identification. They need to be licensed after the age of four months. Its just the standard age. Dogs are usually the ones that most commonly need to be licensed. Cats may or may not have to have a license it just depends on the city you reside in. Each city may have different specifications on
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More importantly, licensing your pet increases the chance that you will be reunited with your pet in the unfortunate event he or she is lost. When you license your pet, your contact information is on file with the licensor allowing them to contact you if your pet is taken to an animal care facility.
Licensing your pet acts as a form of insurance. It enables animal control officers to contact you if your pet becomes lost. By purchasing a license for your pet, you are helping to ensure that all lost pets are given the appropriate attention and medical care while waiting to be reunited with their owners.
Animals are resourceful! Although many people believe that their pet will never leave their property, dogs have a way of getting out from a "secure" yard by digging, jumping over a fence, or exiting through an open gate. Natural disasters, aberrant weather, and fireworks also often cause animals to become anxious and flee their property. A license identifies you as the pet's owner and provides animal control officers with the necessary information to reunite you and your
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