Lie Chromatography

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It’s true that polygraph equipment can detect and measure the physiological reactions accurately but this does not imply that they can measure the lies accurately. Though a normal person lying, may show these reactions most of the time but it can’t be conclusive. It is not always true representation as they may be influenced by some conditional factors and also be controlled by some countermeasures. Most of the studies done on polygraph for lie detection is analog, i.e., they have been done in lab and these are not field based. Since, it is not possible to create the real field situation accurately in lab, accurate conclusion cannot be made from these and these can be treated only as an indication.
Even after so much studies made on this subject, the instrument has remained primitive except for its digitalization. Digitalization has done very little to its advancement. Several researchers have done studies on questioning technique. Even today thousands are involved in creating a better questioning technique and improve it to develop more provoking questioning technique but little emphasis have been put over improving the instrument.
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Ignorance of this science by scientists and legal officials has restricted its growth. Polygraph can be used to detect deception but it is not free from weaknesses. Error rates are high for this technique. We can decrease these error rates by advancing the instrument, improving questioning technique and combining it with other deception detection technique. Moreover, it depends more on application of appropriate procedure and intelligence of examiner to the situation. It is almost impossible to design a completely error free technique of polygraph for detecting deception and we should not deceive ourselves about this
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