Liebeck vs Mcdonalds

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Introduction This assignment is regarding the Liebeck vs McDonalds case back in 1992. The issues involved are discussed thoroughly as well as the difference between consumer protection laws in Malaysia and also the United States where the case took place. This assignment will also discuss the implications of the case and also businesses/consumers responsibility when handling accident prone products. Question 1 Major issues 1. The 180 degrees coffee caused full thickness or third degree burns to Liebeck’s skin. 6 percent of her body suffered the third degree burns and 16 percent suffered lesser. The incident caused her to be hospitalized for eight days followed by two years of medical treatment. She lost almost 20% of her…show more content…
Perhaps if the styrofoam cup had a coffee sleeve/collar, then the older generations’ mind could have processed the information that the coffee was hot and they should be careful faster. In this case, McDonalds showed no responsibility and completely disregarded their customers’ needs. If they would have listened to customers concern in regards to the temperature, they would have done the necessary to protect them. They can serve the coffee at 180 degrees (as they claim customers like it that way) and also protect them at the same time. McDonalds was not totally at fault in this case. Liebeck would have avoided the accident if she was more careful while handling the coffee. She had difficulties in opening the lid of the cup during her initial attempt. She completely disregarded her own safety by placing the cup in between her legs and tried to open the lid then. After the failed attempt, she should have waited until she had gone home for her to drink the coffee or she should have asked her grandson to do it for her. Being in shock is natural in her circumstances but she stayed in her seat for a good 3 minutes before jumping off. By then the coffee had already absorbed which led to her third degree burns. As customers and also humans, we are responsible for our own actions. Despite McDonalds ignorance towards their customers safety, accidents can be avoided if customers are vigilant. When we buy products such as hot
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