Liepaja: The City of Wind

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Introduction Liepaja is great city with many opportunities especially if you are a student. It is the third largest city in Latvia. Remember to take something cosy and warm with you, because Liepaja is called the “City of Wind” and you can feel some chilly breeze from sea winds. In the summer time you can see that all action is going on at the beach, and people getting perfect suntan, chilling by water with their friends or families or just playing some ball. Language To get by in the city you need to learn some basic Latvian because not a lot of people in city like Liepaja speak perfectly English. Two common languages that you will hear on the streets will be Latvian and Russian and in the summer time when the tourists start to flow in, English can be heard as well. The good news is that students, service industry workers usually do speak English. Weather As it mentioned above Liepaja is called the “City of Wind” so it can get really windy especially in autumn and spring seasons. Winter time in Liepaja is not as cold as it would seem like it is. If it’s a rough winter then the temperature can go to -25 degrees, but normally it stays around -10 degrees. You can fell that spring has started at beginning of April, then it gets sunny and you can see first flowers getting out of the ground. Summers can get really hot, and then you will appreciate those wind breezes that will help you cool down a bit. When the air temperature gets higher than 25 degrees the only good idea

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