Lies And Cheating In The Book Of Genesis Essay

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There is a lot of lying and cheating in the book of Genesis: Adam; Abraham, Jacob, and about Joseph. Identify cause and effect of these deceptions.

Francisco Lechuga
Theology IV, period 3
Sister Peggy Szeljack
Theology IV Genesis paper
Intro-There is a common theme of lying and cheating in the book of Genesis. The main examples of cheating are when Adam eats the forbidden fruit then blames eve, Abraham fathering a son thru Sarah’s servant girl, Jacob cheating Esau out of his birth right, and Joseph being sold to slave traders. These instances are related to each other in term of the motivations behind the deceptions, and the basic effects that they had. They were also connected in that God had been the one they formed their covenants with.

P1- The first Covenant that man formed with God was Adam’s promise to not eat from the tree of forbidden knowledge. Adam’s sin of eating the forbidden fruit was an effect of his temptation, and his betrayal of eve was caused by his desire to deflect God’s punishment. It had the effect of alienating Adam and Eve from God, and from each other. Because they committed the first sin every human after them was born with original sin. God banished them from paradise as a result of their betrayal of him. …show more content…

Abraham’s deception was that he tried to take matters into his own hands by having a child with his servant rather than putting his faith in God. It had the effect of making Ishmael turn against him. It also could have delayed the arrival of his promised child. Abraham was about 100 when Isaac was born, and he was only born after Ishmael was capable and obliged to leave. His desire to expedite God’s promise had the opposite affect. His actions also showed that at the time he did not have enough faith in God to give up the idea that he could know better than

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