Lies Have Consequences In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Lies Have Consequences A single lie can ruin your reputation. In the Crucible, having trust on someone is essential to a person, and you can be in a risky situation and make a mistake to protect a person. The play has viewed that people's errors can lead to severe consequences. In the play, Proctor had lied to Elizabeth’s face about being alone with Abigail. Proctor determines that he cannot lie anymore because his name is all he has considered for since he has lost it all. In Arthur Miller’s play, the Crucible, he demonstrates the theme of blindness and silence through the actions and choices of the characters. Firstly, Abigail uses blindness to stabilize power in Act III because she is trying to act innocent when she was the guilty person and is lying to the court. According to "The Crucible" Abigail is using the power of voice in the court with blindness towards the disputed and the judges. Also, Abigail is pretending to bewitched and tells the judge that she is the last person in the court who would do any witchery. For instance, Abigail states " wind, cold wind, has come. Her eyes fall on Mary Warren.MARY WARREN, terrified, pleading Abby! MERCY LEWIS, shivering: Your Honor, I freeze! Therefore, Miller illustrates that Abigail's reaction to her seeing something and feeling chilly is a blindness to establish power because she wants to informed as an innocent person to notice her win in the court. Here Miller depicts that, Abigail is using the judges and it
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