Lies In Huck Finn

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However, before his titular adventures, Huck was a child who found joy in going on fake exploits with his friends. Although, Huck, while he did enjoy playing pretend, preferred things that fit in with his concept of logic rather than what occurred in Tom’s novels. Huck commonly showed doubt of Tom’s more dubious tales, telling him that the ‘A-rab’ camp they were ‘invading’ was truly a Sunday School picnic. Huck has already began to grow out of the venturesome ideas of boyhood, but he suspects that Tom truly believes his own lies, as shown when “[he] judged all that stuff was only just one of Tom Sawyer’s lies. [He] reckoned [Tom] believed in the A-rabs and the elephants, but as for [himself, he thinks] different” (Twain 13). Huck has an uncanny
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