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Section B Lies, a short story by Ethan Canin Summary. The short story ”Lies” is about a boy named Jack. He has a bad relationship with his parents, and his father kicks him out of the house. Jack wanted to get out of the house, and it was one of the two things he wanted to do, get out of the house, and to go up to Fountain Lake with his girlfriend Katy. He is eighteen and is going to get married to his girlfriend Katy, and the first time he met her was at the movie theater. After graduated from high school Jack gets a job at Able’s, and it is the same place where he meets the beautiful Katy. Katy falls in love with him, but jack is not in love with her. Jack gets invited to Katy’s sister’s wedding, and has an awkward meeting with…show more content…
Jack is 18 years old. He graduates from high school, and gets a job in the movie theatre as a ticket seller and a projectionist. He has a girlfriend named Katy, and they are going to get married in November. When he meets Katy’s parents for the first time, it was at her sister's wedding, he walked in wearing a coat and tie. Jack’s friend LeFranc plays trumpet, and he does not know what to say to a girl. But Jack is getting tired of his friends, but does not complain. He is not very enthusiastic about his job, and feels he is trapped inside. He perhaps feels like he is in a jail, because it is mentioned in the text, that while selling the tickets he looks out in the day light through the metal bars, and the metal bars perhaps symbolizes that he feels trapped inside. In the end he decides to leave in middle of his work, and drive with Katy to Fountain Lake which he wanted in a long time. He changes to a happy and free person, and finally says, that he loves her. Comment on the ending. In the end Jack leave his work and drive with Katy to Fountain Lake, and he has been waiting for that in a long time. I think in the end when Jack goes with Katy he feels happy and free. He lets go of all his worries and problems, and did not look back, and finally enjoys himself. He achieved the two things he wanted, he moved out of his parent’s house, and he has Katy on his side, and they are going to Fountain Lake, and for doing that he left his work. in the end he

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