Lieutenant General Lewis B.

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Lieutenant General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller is a name that every marine knows for his heroic actions and his legacy left upon the Corps. This man was and is still the most decorated Marine and is by far the greatest Marine to ever live, leading through countless engagements from the beaches of Peleliu Island to the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. He also brought an indistinguishable honor upon the United States by showing the world what a fierce force the USMC (United States Marine Corps) can be through his numerous years fighting and bleeding for our great country. The formidable force known throughout the world today for their courageous acts of bravery, started out from two battalions raised with the early continental navy on November…show more content…
During the great war 30,000 Marines were sent to the war torn continent, more than a third were either wounded or didn’t come home and many came home as different people being the first of many to experience shell shock (USMC History Division Web). Just before World War 2 the Marines and in general the United States armed forces saw a revamping of its war machine. After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Marine Corps was sent with the Navy to capture key points in the Japanese Imperial Empire also known as the “Island Hopping campaign.” The Marines saw extensive combat during its amphibious landings throughout the Pacific on many islands such as Guadalcanal, Pelelui, Tarawa, Okinawa and numerous others. On some of the landings, no other than the Lewis B “Chesty Puller” commanded these brave men to victory, he would later lead countless men during the Korean war six years later (USMC History Division Web). After the war many Marines were kept to occupy these islands creating numerous offshore bases in the Pacific, which many are being used to this day by active duty
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