Lieutenant General Saint And His Command Sergeants

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In early 1986, Lieutenant General Saint and his Command Sergeants Major, Command Sergeants Major Horvath, identified the need to establish an elite organization to recognize stellar Non-Commissioned Officers. These Non-Commissioned Officers are those who have demonstrated excellence in performance and leadership abilities that resemble those of other influential NCO’s. A special group that needed a figure head that all members could emulate and strive to act in accordance with. This figure head could be none other than Sergeant Audie Murphy. The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club originated at Fort Hood, Texas by a group of dedicated officers, enlisted, and civilians; the most notable of which were the two aforementioned leaders, their awards…show more content…
The support of the club has given back to all areas of influence including schools, cemeteries, businesses, and programs such as the Warrior Outreach. The club has been involved with many outstanding events such as feeding the homeless; providing gifts for under privileged kids; partnering with local schools to help establish a positive foundation for the youth through interaction; clearing and cleaning overgrown cemeteries with the preservation society; and assisting with the restoration of homes belonging to citizens in the area. One of the most interesting things that the club does that should never go unnoticed is empowering and providing great leaders with an outlet to be able to do these amazing things. Individuals will struggle to find a way to make a difference in the community, but when like minded individuals come together the opportunities seem to present themselves in abundance. This is why I want to become a member of the SAMC. To be able to give back to the community that has given so much for its veterans. To be able to surround myself with motivated, dedicated, and intellectual leaders would allow my passions and desires to be fulfilled. I earned the Meritorious Outstanding Volunteer Medal by putting the welfare and needs of others before my own, both in country and abroad. Being a part of these

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