Life 101 Class Will Make The Difference For Graduates

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Life 101 Class Will Make the Difference for Graduates High school is such a valuable crucial time to people, because it may be the very last time students may collect classroom education that prepares them for the real world. In reality, high school does not. I believe that all high schools should have a require “Life 101 class” as a core class for upperclassmen so the students will have the essentials skills to survive on their own after graduating. My opponents, believe that adding an additional core class will take the time away from the original core classes. First, most graduates do not know the basic essentials skills. Secondly, it will consider them to think twice before taking action. Lastly, it will encourage the student to pursue into getting a skill that pays well, and that they will enjoy doing. First, young adults once graduated, still do not know how to survive in the real world because the school has taught students how to do math,science, history, and how to read and write. The school did not teach the necessary modern day lifestyle survival skills like, budget our spendings, obtaining credit from a bank, how to acquire housing, etc. After high school most graduates want to gain the power of independence. At the same time, they still need their parents or guardians help due to the lack of reality life knowledge that they may contain. If already taught the skills to independently live on their own, then more graduates will feel prepared to live on their
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