Life According to Sartre

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“The Room” by Jean-Paul Sartre takes us on a journey through the conflict of man with the world. Eve makes the choice to sacrifice self identity to care for her mentally ill husband Pierre. In the beginning of the book “The Wall and Other Stories” Sartre invites us to interpret the text from an existentialist point of view. So we must understand Sartre philosophical meaning of life. “What is the meaning of life?” Jean-Paul Sartre defines life as first accepting our own faults and strengths, to then understand that the world exists regardless of our actions, and it is only when we actively participate and take responsibility for our place in the world do we honestly experience life. In Sartre’s autobiography The Words he explores the…show more content…
For Sartre, the moment Eve decides she will “kill Pierre”, when his mind is lost to his dementia, is the most sane thing Eve does. She has been faced with a truth, Pierre is in-sane without any possibility for recovery, and she takes that moment and makes a choice to end his suffering and hers. She is not hiding from the choice and is taking responsibility for that action. Hence in-sanity is Pierre’s life and self-identity, but Eve has another identity to explore. Eve can’t merely state I am the wife of a mentally ill husband, but I am Eve now what am I going to do. What I am I to do with this external force and mend it with a choice of action? This is also why for Sartre close relationships are doomed to failure. In order for love, friendship to occur your desire to please the other will undoubtedly cause a friction with your inner self. At some point you must deny your desire for the other, or deny your humanity. Also the object in life, your choice, and the others choice must be mended harmoniously. Otherwise, and in most cases relationships are doomed to failure. “Hell is other people” (Sartre) She is unable to leave the dark apartment; her relation with parents, friends, and people is strained; she is no longer a part of the world.
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