Life Action Plan Essay

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Life Action Plan Directions: Identify an area that you feel needs to be improved. Consider selecting an area that will provide the greatest opportunity for growth or an area that can make the biggest impact on your success. Complete the worksheet with information to address the area you have selected. Note: Please remember there are 2 pages to this document. My life role – Identify your life plan role (this may be you as a student or professional). To become a teacher in the K-3 grades working in Special Education. My long-term goals in this role – Identify one outcome you plan to achieve within the next 2 to 10 years in this role. 1. Finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education/Special Education. 2. To work with…show more content…
Also for my own satisfaction that I can do this and do it well. Describe obstacles and mountains to climb to reach this goal. 1. Taking some classes that are harder than others. 2. Making time to study consistently. 3. Having family, friends or events get in the way of finishing my studies every day. Describe skills or knowledge required to reach the goal. 1. I need to read and understand what I am reading. 2. I need to spend the 2+ hours every day reading and studying. 3. Make my study time count by accomplishing the studying and not get distracted. 4. Being able to reach out for help when needed. 5. Staying focused on school and on the end reward of doing all the work. Identify groups, individuals, companies, and organizations that can help you reach this goal. 1. My best friend is an elementary special education teacher and I can talk to her about my studies and she is very helpful. 2. There are several school teachers in my Sunday school class that have offered to talk to me about being a teacher. 3. My sister-in-law is a child psychiatrist who tests and works with special education children and is a good person to talk to about the ins and outs of working in special education. Plan of action to reach this goal (What specific steps will you take to accomplish this – these should be chronological steps (e.g., A, B, C, etc) 1. I need to stay focused and set my time to study and then do it. 2. I
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