Life After Death In Ancient Egypt, The Way Of Life

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Egyptian civilization began over 5,000 years ago and is one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations of all time. The Egyptians created religion and rules which founded the way of life for the people of that time. They adapted their own views of what life after death was like and they had a strong belief in immortality, believing that their life on earth was only one aspect of their eternal journey. Due to their strong belief in the afterlife, the ancient Egyptians established funerary practices for each person who died, these practices varied depending on their social class and wealth. From everyday people being buried in a simple religious way, to the pharaohs and wealthy being buried elaborately. The way in which each individual was buried all depended on their social class and wealth and was a huge part of their everyday life for people living in ancient Egypt. To the Ancient Egyptians, death was regarded as a temporary interruption to their eternal journey. “People paid homage to the gods to ensure the continuity of their life” Egyptologist, Jean-Yves Empereur states. They had a strong belief in an afterlife and in order to get there, it was believed they had to travel through the underworld. In the underworld, there was process in which they had to go through to pass the tests and get to the afterlife. Firstly, they had to contend with Gods, strange creatures and gate keepers. Then came the process of the hall of judgement, where it was believed that they had
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