Life After Death Essay

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Life After Death The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all share many common beliefs such as the belief in the Gods, spirits, souls and ultimately life after death. Although, these cultures share common beliefs, there are still very different ideas and ways in which they related and communicated with the dead. The Egyptians believed the idea of eternal and actual death was incomprehensible. As for the Greeks and Romans, they also share a similar view of what life is like after death, because they believed death was seen as "nothingness". To all of these cultures death was just a mere interruption of life and not the actual end of a life. The Egyptians lived a similar life to those of the Roman and Greek cultures in that they believed…show more content…
The physical bodies of the dead were preserved with oils and wrapped in long strips of linen and placed within coffins and shrines. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks believed the dead have to be buried in a particular way in order for their souls and spirits to rise and come back to life. Their belief was that if the dead were not buried properly their souls would be looked upon in a bad way. The Egyptians believed after leaving the earth as a human being the dead crossed a threshold of death into a beautiful place or afterlife. Their idea of the location or place where the dead lived after leaving earth was similar to that of the Greeks and Romans. Although, the names and meanings of the place where the dead were housed was different, they were still very much like that of the Greeks and Romans "underworld". The Egyptians believed the dead should be buried with all their materialistic possessions, so they may enjoy eternal life even after their death. They thought the dead should not only be buried with their materialistic goods but drinking vessels and dishes for food and earthly riches that surrounded them in the kingdom of the dead. The Greeks and Romans were able to directly communicate with the dead after conducting certain rituals or tasks. These rituals allowed them to see the dead and speak with them as though they were
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