Life After Death : Short Story

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Life After Death: When Hardship Confronts Forever
A soft hand of a patient slithers through a field of IV’s and other medical tubing until it finally reaches it’s destination - my hand. With prolonged tenderness, a thumb caressed my hand, making small circles in a caring manner as an expression of human empathy. As her cracked lips pivoted skyward, she closed her eyes and returned to her placid state where she thought of her son, and how much time she would have left with him. The only thing that comforted her in this moment were the words we shared. She was a young mother with cancer, and the pain she was going through was palpable.
“Do you wish to go through with this” I said.
“Yes, I do. It is for the better” Saraya replied. A look of profound sadness had swept over her face. We both knew this was inevitable. Her son would live his life without a mother at his side. A cascade of warmth flowed down both our faces.
Josiah could only look at his mother with a gaze of unsurmountable grief. “Why did God let you have cancer, why didn't he prevent this?”
“My son, I know it is hard.” Saraya paused trying to catch her breathe. “You must know that God is good, and everything he has created is good.”
“But you’re in so much pain! I’ll be all alone! Why does this have to happen! How is this even good!” Josiah screamed.
“Josiah, all these moments will be lost in time like tears in rain” Saraya replied softly. “I don’t have the answers that will make everything all better, but know that
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