Life After High School

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Life after high school can be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. And it is not just one decision, the college you choose can alter many aspects of your life. When you attempt to choose a school to go to you have to take into consideration many things. You have to know the major you want to go for, the minors, location, tuition cost, et cetera. I have so many options for the next step in my life. For this paper, however, I have narrowed it down to two options: Miami University and the University of Cincinnati. It is a close race between the two, but based on my recent visit to Miami going there for college would be the better option for my future. Money is an issue for mostly all college students, everyone is always worried about the debt they will obtain by going through schooling and how they are going to pay it off. Unless someone can get a full ride scholarship, you are going to have to owe money to the university you go to. My solution is that I will be making enough money after college to pay it off pretty quickly so I do not have to owe too much money throughout my life. Miami tuition is around $15,000 and room and board is around $13,000 so the total is somewhere close to $28,000 (“2017 Cohort”). Cincinnati tuition is $11,000 and room and board can be from $11,000 to $13,000, so between $22,000 and $24,000 would be the total (“UC Facts”). I intend to get scholarships through various companies or associations to bring the total price per year down.
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