Life After High School Essay

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Life after high school comes with a lot of important decisions. The large cost of a college degree and the increasingly competitive job market have both added to the stress of this decision. The decision to go to college is one of the most important choices of a student 's life, and it can affect their careers and finances for the rest of their lives. These days, the rising cost of college is making students have to decide between the large sum of debt associated with a college degree or joining the workforce with a lower salary. Despite this fact, getting a college degree of some sort is worth the debt due to benefits like a larger salary that follow later in life. Students that receive a college degree make more than their high school graduate counterparts. “Among millennials ages 25 to 32, median annual earnings for full-time working college-degree holders are $17,500 greater than for those with high school diplomas only” (Kurtzleben, 1). Students that have received a college diploma have had a higher income that will help them pay off their debt. When all of their debt is gone, that extra money will give them a financial advantage because they will be making so much more. Graph 1 shows the difference in the levels of a person’s education compared to their income. The graph shows that the higher the education the higher their income within the last 40 years. Especially since 2000, the average wage of a worker with a bachelor’s degree has risen from $60,000 a

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