Life After Stroke Essay

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Life after stroke
Stroke affects everybody differently, and it is difficult to say how much of a recovery is possible. Many stroke survivors experience the most dramatic recovery during their stay in hospital in the weeks after their stroke.
But many stroke survivors continue to improve over a longer time, sometimes over a number of years. Their recovery is in fact a long period of rehabilitation, as they learn to deal with the effects the stroke has had on them.
Rehabilitation is about getting back to normal life and living as independent a life as possible. It involves taking an active approach to ensuring that life goes on for people who have had a stroke. This can mean helping them to acquire new skills or relearn old ones. It may
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It is possible that the assessment will find that caring for someone at home is not the best option. If this happens, a social worker can help you investigate other accommodation options and other sources of support.

Keeping a positive attitude
Negative emotions are normal
It is normal to feel angry, desperate, anxious or depressed after a stroke. You may feel worried about work, money and relationships, and the tiredness caused by stroke can make things worse.
Your GP can refer you to a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to help you understand and cope with psychological symptoms.
Staying positive can help rehabilitation
Negative feelings can get in the way of progress, and it is important to concentrate on what you want to achieve and to make the most of the support that is on offer.
Make the most of support in your community
Rehabilitation depends on a combination of support from a range of health professionals, social services, financial support, and help from family and carers.
How family and carers can help
As a carer, you can help rehabilitation in a variety of ways: * You can help a stroke survivor to practise tasks set by their therapists. * You can give emotional support to help them stay motivated and positive. * You can learn skills to deal with specific challenges (such as helping the stroke survivor move

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