Life After Technology : The Life After Technology

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The Life after Technology
Ana Oliveira
International Language School of Canada

The technology has dramatically changed our life because people have modified their behavior at school, at home and work.
I. The technology in the school has changed the educational methods. A. Technology resources need technology integration for students. 1. Technology is integrated well when it is used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. a. Technology use is no longer done in isolation, therefore computers use is no longer confined to a computer lab. B. With technology in the school the student and teacher roles have changed. 1. The teacher in a classroom needs to show the roles about technology. C. The technology introduced a new way to learn. 1. A lot of website and App have contributed to explore new subject in the class. a. Many school have adopted website to do homework.
II. The technology has modified our habits in our homes A. Our communication and interaction have affected after technology resources 1. It is noticeable the rise of use cell phone and social media by younger generations a. Many studies have been conducted regarding technology’s effect on social interaction and face-to face communication since the rise of cell phone and social media usage in the late 2000s. B. The technology has changed the way we prepare and eat food. 1. Your
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