Life After the Terricide

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Chapter 1: Death Legion
It was cool walking through the damp puddles on the streets from recent rain showers as Kaden, and his Right hand Jarno Portrayas walked toward a building in which all high ranking black hand members had been called to a meeting by Kaden he planned to once again reunite the black hand he felt this was his duty as a true Helghast. He walked into a mostly dark room full of a majority of evolved helghast. Kaden was evolved, but preferred his armor to officer clothing while Jarno who was large, and skinny while still seeming to keep an aura of masculinity and purpose was always wearing a lavish officer garnmet. They both walked up to a podium in the back, and Kaden began his speech. "My fellow Helghast is their anymore to be lost? Can our enemy steal anymore from us, but our very lives? Shall we wait for them to come fore those as well, or will we fight? We must once and for all end this tyranny we must avenge the dead. Persecution is the only way to assure victory my friends! Stand by me, and reunite a true Helghan to truly succeed, or leave this room and give up on Visari, Radec, Stahl, Orlock, and all others who fell to the…

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