Life Among the Fish Essay

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Life Among the Fish I dropped my air tank on the deck of the boat, creating a deep hollow sound throughout the air. The tank lay on the rough floor teetering from side to side until finally resting against the waistband. I gazed at it for a moment lost in its sleek wetness while water poured down my back. “What are you looking at? Help me with my tank!” my sister Tawnya yelled from the stern of the boat. She was half way up the ladder with her tank slowly slipping off her back. My dad was the last one up the ladder. Dropping his tank, he let out the noise he always makes when he gets through something of a feat, a loud noise that sounds as though a train were going through the center of the boat. That day in the…show more content…
My dad found the perfect spot just before lunch. We threw anchor and suited up. It was the first time scuba diving for my sister and I and we were both excitedly nervous, like right before you go off the drop of a roller coaster. The water was warm enough to where didn’t need wetsuits, just a tank, mask and flippers. My dad helped us into our vests and tank and showed us how to inflate and deflate them. He assured us we were not going very deep so there was nothing to worry about. My sister was the first one in the water, dad told her she was all ready and without hesitation she jumped right in. She had never been afraid of anything, and was always the first person I went too if I was scared. I was cautious and afraid of almost everything. Dad helped me into my gear. Everything was four sizes too big, since they do not make scuba gear for eight year olds. Dad asked if I was ready and as I began to shake my head “no” he picked me up by my hands, and lowered me slowly into the water. Crying, I swam a direct line to Tawnya in hopes that she could make the fear I had of the massive body of water I was now in, go away. It helped a little. Tawnya and I bobbed around for a bit until dad jumped in creating the biggest splash I had ever seen. Dad checked us one more time, and down we went into a whole new world. I had never seen anything like it. In front of us was a wall
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