Life And Death Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay

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Life to Death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Hailee Barnwell Central High School Abstract John F. Kennedy lived a very hard, but famous life. In his life he batted many deaths and illnesses. He was in the navy, in congress, the Senate of the United States, and the 35th President. Even though most people think Mr. Kennedy lived a very easy and flowing life, they are all wrong. He struggled through life, but never let its show through to many people. While he struggled through all of his illnesses and witnessed so many dying he still made everyone think his life was perfect. You will soon find out everything was not so great for Mr. Kennedy. Life to Death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Early Life Mr. Kennedy was born into a family that was rich and famous, and he had eight siblings. His family was on the fortunate side with his family being on the top of everything. He went through an elite private school, and through the Great Depression Mr. Kennedy’s family did not struggle because of their money. Mr. Kennedy only remembers reading about the Great Depression in many different books at Harvard (Department, 2013) Sicknesses Everyone thinks his life was great, but the ugly side of his life was because of his chronic bouts of illness. He experienced Addison’s disease, Osteoporosis, a bad back, which led to him taking constant pain relievers and steroids, progressive anemia, and also low blood pressure (Kelly, 2013). Addison ’s Disease is where Mr. Kennedy’s

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