Life And Impact On The Civil War And Slavery

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Have you ever wondered about our sixteenth president 's life,. That is why i decided to do my project on his life and impact on the civil war and slavery. His life started in the quiet town of Hodgenville, Kentucky, on that cold winter morning of February 12, 1809. He lived there from the time he was born till he was around seven years old, then he and his family moved to Indiana, there his family owned a farm which he worked on by day. At night or whenever he could, he would read even without much education. During this time in Indiana his mother died, he was ten years old. As he grew older he began to want to see the world away from his small hometown, so in 1828, when he was just nineteen years old he went down the Mississippi River to New Orleans on a produce flatboat. With no other way to get home , he made the eight hundred mile journey on foot. When he got home, his dad decided to move because of health reasons. There he held many jobs such as co-owner of a store in Salem Illinois, a mill operator, and then studied law and opened his own law office. In 1932 Mr. Lincoln decided to enlist as a militia captain in the Black Hawk War. this war was caused by the Sauk indian chief Black Hawk who thought Americans had ripped him off and sought to regain what he had lost. During this conflict Lincoln did not encounter much combat, however the ruins after the battles of Stillman’s Run and Kellogg’s Grove greatly saddened him. When the war ended, Abe decided to study
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