Life And Life Of Medicine

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And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. (Holy Quran; 5:32) recited my grandmother as she started to get ready for work. Clad in a clean white coat, with her stethoscope around her neck, she may sound an ordinary doctor to the outside world, but to me she was the perfect role model and a source of inspiration to join medicine as a career. For me, the world of medicine was nothing new since almost everyone on my maternal side is a doctor. I spent most of my childhood in Faisalabad, Pakistan with my grandmother, whom I saw as a hardworking lady doctor, always ready to help her ailing patients. I could sense her satisfaction after the tiring clinical duties just because she staunchly believed in the gratifying nature of medicine. With so much positive energy around me, I had already made a choice to pursue medicine fairly early. With the goal being set, it was now a matter of devotion to achieving it. Hence, I set myself up for this arduous journey. My dream was transformed into reality after years of hard work when I graduated from the most prestigious medical school of Pakistan i.e. King Edward Medical University.
My university’s hospital being the one with the largest department of internal medicine in the city, exposed me to a variety of clinical cases that solidified my initial interests. Since internal medicine provided me with a platform to intertwine the ability to solve “puzzles” along with maintaining the interpersonal skills in the form…
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