Life And Life Of Prison

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Twenty years to life in prison, this is what I woke up to one cold December morning. I had been falsely accused of a crime. It all started a couple of weeks ago. I had gone to the local gas station to pick-up some groceries to fix my family a surprise breakfast. I had planned to go home and fix them eggs, bacon, waffles, and grits. It would have been perfect, just to have a family meal. I had arrived at the gas station and proceeded to go into the store to get the groceries that I needed. All of sudden a man with the gun entered the store. He told the man to give him all the money in the cash register as he shot at some bottles behind the counter. After the clerk had finished loading the bag, he threw it on the ground, and without…show more content…
The judge read to me the accusation that were made against me, and asked for the evidence to be presented. They had taken the store 's surveillance videos, and said that they had video evidence of what had happened. The judge then asked the cop to play the video, but there was a problem. The video had been encrypted with a password, and without the password, the video could not be watched. The judge ruled that this evidence was irrelevant until it could be used. The judge asked if there was any evidence to be presented. They had one more witness that went to the stand. The other attorney asked what he remembered about the morning of December 3, 2034. He said that he remembered being in the gas station, and seeing me beside the body (8th amendment) When I was back in the jail cell, I decided to ask him what the bail had been set at. He said that there was no bail. He told me that I had been indicted, and I would be going to my arraignment next. I just kept thinking of my family, and that I had to do everything in my power to get out of here. I asked the cop also if someone had picked up my car.(4th amendment) He said it can be picked up as soon as it has been searched. I immediately asked if there was a warrant. He said that there was, and to get some sleep. He said that tomorrow would be a long day. The next morning they came to me and wanted to make a deal. They said just plead guilty, and they would let me off with second

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