Life And Looking Into Treatment For A Chronic Illness Without Cure Essay

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The use of energy has become so integrated into our daily lives, that we often overlook its importance. We count on oil to fuel our cars, electricity to communicate with loved ones and gas to warm our homes. In times that we have become so dependent on energy, the human body continuous to impresses us with its ability to create its own energy by the nutrients we eat. We rarely consider the complex process that our bodies undergo to turn the carbohydrates that we eat into energy we use, until our bodies are unable to do so. Over twenty-one million bodies in the United States lack the able to execute this normally thoughtless process. Over nine percent of Americans are living with type one diabetes (T1D) and work daily to maintain a body that not create its own energy (US Department of Health and Human Services 3). Reviewing the history, discussing the symptoms, exploring a day in the life and looking into treatment for a chronic illness without cure will give us and outlook on advanced treatment and a potential cure for those living with type one. Type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease, commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, in which an individual’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough or any insulin at all. Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to breakdown food we eat in order to create energy. Type one diabetes takes place when the body’s immune system attacks and extinguishes beta cells, or insulin producing cells, found in the pancreas. There is no known

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