Life And Nature Are Very Similar. Both Are Complex, Yet

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Life and nature are very similar. Both are complex, yet simple, both are beautiful, and both are all around, yet cannot be created artificially. The constitution of both is often explored in different forms of art, such as poetry. In her poem, “Nature” Is What We See, Emily Dickinson uses personification, imagery, contrast, and an extensive use of dashes to convey the theme of nature’s dangerous beauty and incredible simplicity, as well as its extreme complexity and the completeness of its unattainability.

By personifying nature as a woman, the author captures some of the “mystery” associated with women, adding to the mystique of nature. Throughout history, nature has often been seen as a woman. This is evidenced in Greek Mythology when …show more content…

She shows how it encompasses not only the vast expanses of the seas, but also the small, simple squirrel. By using these examples, she demonstrates how truly improbable it is for any human art, mind, or definition to completely see nature in its entirety. Nature is a mystery that humans are unable to solve, yet we continue to try. The complexity of nature is too alluring to the human mind to leave to its own devices. Instead, we analyze it. One way we do this is to write about it. For example, we use imagery in poems to describe it, just as Emily Dickinson did.

The use of imagery throughout the poem allows the author to display her perspective on the simplicity of nature. When she describes nature, she often uses small animals, such as a squirrel and a bird called a bobolink, as examples. She then builds on those images with things such as the sea and thunder to add to the effect she created in her poem. Taken by themselves, these creatures and things are simple. However, because she uses all of them together in sequence to describe one concept, the image grows more complex. It creates a sense of contrast that complicates the image, giving it more substance and allowing it to take on a more complete form. These contrasts are all throughout the poem.

The various contrasts all through the poem suggest the vast complexity involved in the concept of nature. By mentioning a cricket and then thunder immediately

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