Life As A Christian Versus Buddhism

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Life as a Christian versus Buddhism As a Christian you have taken on the likeness of Jesus Christ in the flesh. You are to walk and talk as he did when he walked the earth. But, as a Buddhist, you take on the likeness of a child that did not want to be a “god.” I will talk about the differences between Christianity and Buddhism and then give information on the matters. But, first we will have to understand the formation and beginnings of the two religions. Buddhism, which has been around for over 2500 years, was started because of a little boy who was chosen by his father after birth to be significant because of certain markings or signs on the little baby’s body. Growing up, this boy was sheltered from all negativity and given a life where he was never allowed to see or experience anything negative or bad. His dad felt that he would have so much compassion for people and want to save them from hurt if he saw the bad things in the world. And, his dad wanted him to become an Emperor and rule the people, not feel sorry for them and try to save them from harm. The very thing that his dad thought turned out to be true for Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha snuck away to experience the real world and once exposed, decided he wanted to give up his life of luxury and live a simple life while finding the answers he was looking for. After he grew up, he left his wife, son and comfortable home and began his journey as a monk. He developed self-control, mastered meditation,
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