Essay about Life As An HIV/Aids Counselor

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Becoming a Mental Health Counselor for a patient with HIV/Aids is a position of dignity that can be often skewed or unwarranted due to the negative realm our society has placed upon the diagnosis. The main function of the HIV/Aids counselor is to be supportive of his or her infected and affected clients, to listen to their problems and to empower them to solve their problems and better their lives. These abilities can come easy for some; harder for others. I, as an HIV/Aids counselor, will embrace my future clients that seek my services. Support and empowerment should be an underlying task for any counseling profession, but particularly when working with a client who has HIV/Aids. When beginning my career as a counselor, I will be faced…show more content…
The ability to cope with chronic illness is difficult. For the therapist, it will be a journey of support that will most likely be unmatched when working with other patients. I would begin treatment by compiling, with each client, a list of their problems, and let them reflect on what they want out of my services and out of their personal life. From there, it is my job, as counselor, to assist the client to identify possible solutions to these problems. When appropriate, I would encourage clients to come up with their own solutions because clients will be more likely to carry out solutions that they find feasible and practical. When addressing the grief of diagnosis, I would ask the client to make a list of his or her good qualities and possible limitations due to HIV/Aids. He or she should, for instance, list his or her coping skills, describe the level of his or her self-esteem, analyze his or her personality style, communication style, sense of humor - and any other strengths and weaknesses that may be important. After these reflections, I’d examine and discuss possible solutions to whatever problems the client may have identified. From there, I would assess each solution in terms of the client's actual capabilities and capacity. I would go on to ask the client to write down the answers to the following question: “Why must I go on living?” Once this has been done, I will encourage him or her
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