Life At Home Recovering Before It Is Safe For Resume Work

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Many times after injuries or medical procedures, one is required to spend time at home recovering before it is safe to resume work. In the Army, this recovery leave is non-chargeable and a physician decides the length of recovery. The first form of leave is called quarters and is typically 24 to 36 hours. Quarters is typically prescribed to soldiers that have infectious diseases such as the flu. When a Soldier is given quarters they must stay at home in order to mitigate the spread of the disease and to allow them to rest and recover. The second form of medical leave is called convalescence leave. Convalescence leave is prescribed by a physician following a surgical procedure to allow a soldier to recover and is also non-chargeable.…show more content…
Probably one of the biggest aspects of the Army’s Total Compensation plan is the free medical coverage provided to all soldiers. I cannot think of another organization that offers a totally cost free medical package for its employees. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the leadership in the Army is very supportive of soldiers attending medical appointments in order to maintain a high level of medical readiness, which is a critical aspect of the Army being able to conduct its mission. Soldiers do not see a physician when they are injured or ill initially. The first line of medical screening includes unit medical personnel, which includes medics and the unit physician’s assistant. If it is determined that the soldier will require treatment or diagnosis from a physician they are then referred to a doctor. This is a key way that the Army saves money on its no cost medical coverage. By not having a soldier be seen by a physician immediately and having a lower ranking medic, who gets paid much less, conduct the initial assessment and possibly remedy the situation, the Army save substantial money. Of course, if a soldier is critically injured or ill they can always go to the military installation emergency room for treatment or call 911 for assistance. Depending on the nature of the injury or illness, and whether or not the appropriate physician or specialist is available at the military installation, a soldier

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