Life At The Bottom And Its Vast Environment

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Life at the bottom
The majority of human lives are spent on land. On some occasions people visit the beautiful littoral regions to beige, unwind, and enjoy the cool currents and warm water. Although people are delighted with the surface of the ocean, the depth of Ocean remains a mystery. The average depth of a large body of water, such as the ocean has been recorded to be 12, 500 feet deep. Therefore making the bodies of water nearly occupy a majority of the earth space. Life at the challenger deep (which is the deepest part of the ocean) is still an uncharted subject, myths of magnificent and treacherous animal sightings such as Giant Squids that is also referred to as the Kraken is one of the legendary stories of them all. With the help of oceanographers and the use of computer models, laboratory and field experiments, scientist can piece the puzzle of the mysterious beast and its vast environment.
Scientific advances such as the computer models of the earth have brought us to a better understanding about how life on earth operates. According to Ocean services, the study of oceanography is the study of marine life and ecosystems, Ocean circulation, plate tectonics and the geology of the ocean floor. Oceanographers study this aspect of the world to understand how the chemistry of the ocean interacts with our atmosphere and ecosystems. The computer models have provided evidence on the floor structure of the ocean, which is effortful to examine due to the pressure and depth
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