Life Balance Reflection Paper

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The first exhibit that caught my eye was “Gymnast with Organs” with its dynamic pose and ease of balance, the palatinate shows the perfect interaction of the muscles just below the skin. Our lives are juggling acts that demand balance, focus, and coordination. More then ever before, people play many different roles in their lives. They must also make room in their lives for taking care of their own physical and mental well-being. Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all kinds of competing priorities can be difficult. No matter our circumstances, life balance is an important factor of feeling satisfied in our lives. When our life balance is out of kilter, we might feel resentful, disappointed, and burnt out, and our physical and psychological health may suffer. This exhibit stood out to me because it shows how our life are not prefect, and how we have to stretch ourselves to complete everything society has set out for us. I also like how it shows that our well being should not only be the way we looks but also the way of minds feel. Gymnast with organs was one of the first exhibit that caught my eyes because of how the strong the make the human body look, which took me by surprise. The exhibit was a great example the nervous system. Its shows how the body can be burn out if we don’t give it the proper care, and how important its nutrient your body. Sleep is something many of us don’t get, but it’s a very important step in helping our body recovery. We should be getting at leat eight hours of sleep a night. Its important to make sleep a pripoity in our life, because its what is going to keep us going. Wr need to take care of both of mental and physical health. Writing down how you feel, or talking with someone can redue your stress, and help you sleep at night. Life is too short to continue with a life full of misery, so it is up to us to change our lifestyles, and live a balance, and happy life.
The Kneeling Lady" Almost all physical activities require the body to primarily find and maintain balance. But life itself is a balancing act too. Our body opens up endless possibilities in almost all areas of our life. Nevertheless, our bodies are not only a divine gift or the bounty of nature. They are also our
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