Life Before Her Eyes Critical Lens Essay

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Earnest Hemmingway once stated that "every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died, that distinguishes one man from another.” In the film "The life before Her Eyes", based on the novel by Laura Kasischke (The Life Before Her Eyes 2008) the significance of this quote comes to life in a profound and meaningful way . The movie centers around a young woman Diana, whose life typifies that of many modern-day teenagers, challenged by the temptations of newfound freedom and the capriciousness of youthful lusts. At the same time the film portrays the evolving dynamics of a very unique friendship between Diana and another girl Maureen, who although are very contradistinctive in their moral convictions,…show more content…
In a film review by James Berardinelli he states that “the non-chronological approach creates an intellectual puzzle”. (James Berardinelli ) He also gives an explanation as to why the director Perelman perhaps chose to take on this particular style of film directing for the movie. For instance, he describes that the film’s cinematography as being “composed of a series of memorable insert shots that show the details of everyday life we often don't notice. If nothing else, it can be said that The Life Before Her Eyes offers variety for the eyes.” (James Berardinelli) It is true that the beauty and complexity of the cinematography and non-chronological order of scenes helps to give this drama both cohesion and clarity but also helps to create an important character connection between different life stages of both the teenage and the adult…show more content…
In order that the playwright emphasize both the beauty and disparity of the young women’s relationship and at the same time to more vividly express underlying emotions of love, quilt, and sacrifice, he chooses to make use of the methodology of flashback. This tool which though can sometimes appear to present disunity for some viewers due to the crossing of timelines in the lives of the two main characters, still succeeds in accomplishing the purpose of bringing to life the theme of human love, sacrifice quilt, and tragedy. Perhaps in the case of Life Before Her Eyes, the less enthused viewer might consider watching this film more than one time to gain a greater insight and appreciation for the director’s ultimate
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