Essay on Life Changes of Americans in the 1920's

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Life Changes of Americans in the 1920's

In the 1920's many American lives were improved greatly, but some lives were as bad as they had been before. The economy was booming, with cars being mass produced, and many other consumer goods such as radios, were widely available. Also more jobs became available, and many people recieved a par rise. However there were bad things such as racism about. Many ethnic minority groups were treated poorly. The most racist group around was the Ku Klux Klan.

During the 1920's there was an economic boom in America. With the new system of mass production there was plenty being made, and then sold. Particularly cars. When the Model T Ford was first being produced, it
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Because the women no longer wore corsets, they could become more involved in sports such as tennis.

There were downsides to life in America, in the 1920's. During the war period, America had thrived in the farming business. The war-torn european countries, could not manage to grow their own crops, so they had to buy them form America. But when the war was over, the european farmers began to grow their own crops again. This left the American farmers over-producing, because they were not seling any of their produce. Many farmers ended up being deeply in debt, and they were not making any money. In the end many farmers could not afford to keep their farms, so the were taken away. But the farmers did not have the skills required to get another job. Another big problem in America was prohibition. It was introduced with the intention that it would improve society, and make America a 'cleaner' country. But the effects were actually quite the opposite. The American people did not want to stop drinking alcohol. Many illegal bars were set up called 'speak easies'. These drinking clubs were not often closed down, because the police earned little pay, and so they were easily bribed. Also there was an uprising of gangsters, who made a lot of money from the illegal alcohol trade. America lost millions of dollars in the prohibiton period.

The lives of black
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