Life Changing Experience With My Family And My Friend

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Last summer, I had a life changing experience with my family and my friend Jenny in Oregon. My intention of this vacation was to show Jenny the beautiful Oregon views and spend time with my family who moved there two years ago. We rarely see my aunt and uncle because school and work often get in the way. However, we booked a trip for last August and flew out to spend two weeks with them. I am thankful for this experience because I am now a different person.
During the car ride from the airport my uncle asked us what kind of activities we were interested in doing while we were visiting. This was an easy question because during the plane ride, Jenny and I were talking about hiking and kayaking. When we mentioned that we could not wait to go
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There were kids of all ages pushing and shoving each other to get into the river. I was trying my hardest not to hit anyone as I placed my kayak on to the dirt. While I waited for Jenny to catch up to me, I admired my kayak. The blue and green swirls resembled my eyes and maybe that is why I always chose to use that one. Jenny’s kayak was bright yellow and resembled a floating banana. I stared at my kayak in the sparkling blue water. I could not wait any longer to jump in and start paddling, so I climbed in. I double checked that I had my phone in my wristlet under my seat in case my uncle needed to get in touch with me. I could not wait a second longer to be apart of the rafters and paddleboarders effortlessly cruising by. I grabbed my paddle and made my way into the calmness of the river. Every time I paddled, I was splashed by little droplets of water. I loved watching the sunlight reflecting off of the surface. It was a magical and peaceful experience which made me feel like I was in a dream. Little did I know this was about to be a nightmare.
When Uncle Glen called after us, he told us that we had an hour and that we needed to return back to this same location. I nodded my head in agreement and felt the heat from the sun on the back of my neck. I made note of how strong the river was flowing and if I wanted to, I could let the river guide me without paddling. I sat back in my seat and felt at peace with the world and relaxed. As Jenny

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