Life Changing Moment In Law Abiding Citizen

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I’m sure everyone has had a moment in life that traumatizes them; an entity that impacts the person you are today. Well, that life changing moment happened to Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), once a normal suburban dad, until one day his life turns upside down when two robbers kill his wife and daughter. This one of a kind story shows how the law system really works. Throughout this film you feel the anger and hunger for revenge of this heartbroken father. Clyde Shelton and a headstrong prosecutor Nick (Jamie Foxx), experience multiple attempts of premediated murder and skillful payback. In the busy city of Philadelphia during the late 1990’s, the movie starts with what some would say a normal family getting ready for dinner. The family’s night takes a drastic turn when intruders violently raid their home. The father (Gerard Butler) is forced to watch his wife and daughter get murdered. 10 years later, the father is on a man hunt for everyone that had something to do with the case. Throughout the movie, the prosecutor (Jamie Foxx) tries to stop the damaged father from his bloodlust. This movie is centered around Gerard Butler, known for his dramatic and dark roles in movies such as Olympus has Fallen and 300. In the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” he eludes his pain of his tragic losses through his powerful demeanor. Jamie Foxx, the supporting character of this film, is popular for his starring roles in the TV show “The Jamie Foxx Show” and his lead role in the movie “Django

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