Life Changing Moments Of Life Essay

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Throughout my life I have discovered that life can change in instances that I refer to as moments of impact. Recently many moments of impacts have affected my life. There are small day to day little moments that bring me joy and there are big life-changing moments such as building a house for a homeless family in Mexico last summer. The most recent moment of impact that still affects me on a daily basis is my family 's latest addition of new family members. On a very sunny day in May, we rescued two pyrenees mixes and named them Theo and Zara. One day earlier this year, my sister and father came home after a long day. I asked them where they went and my sister said, “Oh, we were just at Petco looking for dogs”. I looked at my father and said, “Seriously where were both of you?”. He confirmed that they were looking at dogs at pet stores. This was the first that I had heard about getting a dog. Then, without warning, the following day the dog adoption process had suddenly begun. A few days later, my whole family drove out to a local Petco because an organization called Canine Lifeline was holding an event. Canine Lifeline is an organization that rescues dogs all over the United States and helps them find a loving home. The owner fosters all of the dogs at a big farm in Ohio and travels to local pet stores so people can visit the dogs. We arrived and went to the booth that was located outside of the front door of the store. We starting talking to the lady that helps run the
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