Life Changing Relationship With My Grandmother

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Life Changing Relationship The relationship I have with my grandmother is one of the most amusing, affectionate, and enjoyable relationships that I have ever had, and it has been this way since the very birth of me. My grandmother spent her career life working closely with people who needed her and were at a point of struggle in their lives. These efforts consisted of working at a children’s home for emotionally disturbed young boys, and teaching high school english in a program for pregnant teenage girls. She wasn’t a woman without problems, she simply decided to put her problems aside for the sake of others. I have seen her do this a thousand times just in the short 16 years I have known her, and in many instances, she was doing it for me. She was born and raised on the same farm that she lives on today, and my family lives in a house right across from her on this delightful land. She loves the beautiful creation that surrounds us, and has ingrained it in me from a young age to appreciate nature, and see beauty in what others see as just grass and sky. After reading this short description of my grandmother, she probably sounds like a very sweet old lady. She is sweet, but is not a woman you’d want to challenge or treat unfairly. My grandma has taught me to appreciate nature, stand up for myself while respecting others, and to be a good friend who knows how to comfort a troubled soul during a time of need.
During the summer of 2012, my cat Frankie went into renal failure.
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