Life Coaching Research Paper

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How important is goal setting in Life Coaching? I believe setting goals is the most important part to life coaching. Without goals there is nothing specific to accomplish. Goal setting in life coaching is important because they help the client know exactly where they want to be and what they want to attain to be successful. According to Collins (2009) “coaching will not be successful until she can set specific goals that will enable her to make the career change she so strongly desires” (p.206). These goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and within an acceptable time frame. Describe how a life coach work with a person to implementing a plan to achieve goals. Before a life coach can help a client implement a plan to achieve goals he or she must establish a relationship of trust to help the client with awareness, visions, and a strategy to execute goals. A life coach doesn’t write the goals for the client, but help clarify what the ending results would look like for he or she (Collins, 2009). After writing the goals on paper the coach helps the client together think through and clarify the goals by break down and brainstorm ways to cut the goals in sections, which are intern goals (p. 207). According to Collins (2009) “Intern goals are SMART goals…show more content…
According to Collins (2009) a few obstacles that were preventing people from doing what they had agreed to do were, “They think something else is more important so they set different priorities.” (p.221), “They don’t know why they should do it.” (p.220). Some of the obstacles are considered to be external barriers and internal barriers which get in the way of coaching effectiveness. The client may complain about a hectic lifestyle that diverts attention from coaching or allow their internal habits get in the way of taking action
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